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My baby in week 2

Your newborn babyupdate every week about the development of your baby.

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Tips for mom

During this extremely busy time you are likely to forget about yourself. You will have the tendancy to care about everyone around you before you take care of yourself. However if it doesn’t go well with you then it will not be going well with the rest of the family. It is therefore most important that you look after yourself well. This means eating on time, drinking plenty and sleep whenever you can.

Your baby in week 2

Newborn babies sleep most of the day. After the first few weeks, once your baby starts to be more wakeful, it is nice to have a chat with him. From this he will learn as well as it just being a nice thing to do. If you and your partner talk to your child alot about what you are going to be doing then by 6 months old he will already recognise and understand around 200 words.

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