When to take a pregnancy test?

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If you want to get pregnant then you are hoping that you miss your period. Most women cannot wait to do a pregnancy test. However it is important that you do not do the test too soon. Here you can read about when is the best time to do a pregnancy test.

When to test?

It is best to do a pregnancy test when you are one or more days past your due date for menstruation. The test reacts to the presence of HCG hormone in the urine. If you are pregnant then each day that passes the amount of hormone in the urine increases. This means that if you are well overdue the amount of HCG hormone in the urine is enough to indicate a positive result.  There are some very sensitive tests on the market.  This means you may be able to check for a positive result before your period is overdue.  Many pregnancies however can miscarry very early on following fertilization so it is not recommended to do a test so early. There is a chance you may be happy about nothing.

Calculating when you should test


Test with morning urine

When to take a pregnancy test?

It is recommended to do the pregnancy test with the first urine of the morning.  This morning urine is the strongest concentration.  This will contain the most hCG hormone if you are indeed pregnant. If you are testing early on (around the date of menstruation) then you will obtain a result sooner with morning urine than with urine from later in the day.

False positive or false negative?

Naturally you want to know if you are pregnant but it is not advisable to test too soon.  An early test may indicate negative when in fact you are pregnant.  This can happen if there is not a high enough level of HCG hormone in the urine for a positive result.  If you believe you are pregnant then do another test after a few days.

A test cannot show a false positive.  A positive test means you are pregnant even if the stripe on the indicator is faint. However as stated above if you are using a very sensitive test then you may still have a period.  It can often happen that a pregnancy miscarries straight after fertilization.  There is little point in doing a test too early.

How is your delivery due date determined?

To calculate your estimated delivery date, take the first day of your last menstruation.  Add 9 months and 1 week and this is the delivery due date. Ultimately this is only an estimate and only 5% of women deliver on their calculated due date.

Pregnant, then what?

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! You can read about pregnancy matters on our website. Don’t forget to register for the pregnancy update: your pregnancy from week to week.

Where to buy a home pregnancy test?

pregnancy test

You can buy a pregnancy test over the counter in most drugstores and even in some supermarkets. There are also many possibilities to buy them online for a good price. The most known brands are Clearblue and Predictor, but there are many other alternatives. The price of the home pregnancy test will vary enormously with the options offered: early pregnancy test, digital pregnancy test, electronic pregnancy test,… buy your pregancy test online.

How to know if you’re pregnant without buying a test? Check it for free!

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