Help! Am I pregnant?

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We often get questions from young girls who are afraid to be pregnant. The fear of being pregnant is very intense. Often you feel very lonely with your many questions. In the following explanation, we try to help you.

When is there a chance that you could be pregnant?

1. You must have had sexual intercourse

To get pregnant you need to have had sexual intercourse. Explicitly put: his penis has to have been in your vagina without a condom. When your partner is excited he produces moisture even before he ejaculates. Sometimes you can still get pregnant from this seminal fluid. When he ejaculates inside you, then there is a chance that you will get pregnant. Even if it is the first time you have sexual intercourse. It is also possible to become pregnant without the penis entering into the vagina. For example, if the penis is rubbed along the vagina and semen or seminal fluid entered in the vagina. The chance is small, but it is possible!

2. You've forgotten the pill

To be protected against pregnancy, you should take the pill every day and preferably at a fixed time in the day. You forget the pill easily? Place the strip next to your toothbrush or put an alarm on your phone! Or consider whether another form of contraception better suits you. If you have you forgotten the pill, it does often matter on what day you forgot. Read the package leaflet of your pill carefully.

3. You took the pill but also medication

If you take the pill properly you can basically not be pregnant. However, be mindful of medication. It may affect the action of the pill. Think of antibiotics.

Carefully read the notice of the medicine you take. Keep in mind that the first day of your period is the first day that you are significantly bleeding. Often your period begins with some light blood loss, then a few days of heavier bleeding, then light bleeding again. The first day you have a 'heavy' bleeding is the first day of your period.

If you have been vomiting or have had diarrhea the pill is not reliable! Then use a condom for protection.

4. When did you have sexual intercourse?

Ovulation took place about fourteen days after the first day of your period (as explained above). This is when you are most fertile and you run the greatest risk of getting pregnant.

5. You're overdue

If your periods are regular and keep track of the dates, then you can easily determine when your period should take place again. This is about 28 days after the first day of your last period. If you do not have your period at the expected date, then you are overdue. From now on you can test if you are pregnant with a home pregnancy test.

Okay, chances are that I am pregnant, and now? What can I do?

You can buy and try a pregnancy test

If you do not have your period at the expected date, then you are overdue. From now on you can test if you are pregnant with a home pregnancy test. If you are just overdue, do the test with your first morning urine, i.e. the first time you go to the toilet in the morning.

Where can you find a test?

You can find a home pregnancy test already from $8 or £5 at the pharmacy or drug store and of course online. Decide whether you want to do the pregnancy test alone or maybe with your boyfriend or your best friend. It's nice if someone is with you when you get the result. A pregnancy test is the only way you can make sure whether or not you are pregnant.

You can go to your GP. He/she is sworn to silence. Moreover, in certain countries the test can then be free. However be careful: sometimes the pregnancy might be mentioned on the papers of the health insurance. Discuss this with your doctor!

Another way is to go to a Family Planning Clinic. You can find a clinic in the UK or in the US.

Talking about it to someone ...

There are several places where you may find help and answers to your questions:

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