Pregnancy symptoms: the early symptoms indicating that you could be pregnant

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Could you be pregnant? Here are the first clues...

More than 20,000 women have tried our online pregnancy test. Here is a summary of the results, in descending order: the most frequently encountered symptoms (including fatigue felt by more than 80% of actually pregnant women) to the less frequent symptoms (areola darker in less than 40% of pregnancies).

If in doubt, always consult your general practitioner or your gynecologist. It is also possible that your symptoms have a cause other than pregnancy.

The first pregnancy symptoms that you may notice are the pregnancy symptoms that appear in the period ranging from conception to the absence of menstruation. It can be a (recurring) exciting time for anyone who wants to get pregnant. Until the absence of menstruation, you don’t know yet if you are pregnant. But your body knows it already and is perhaps already busy preparing a place in your uterus for the fertilized egg and preparing your body for the pregnancy. Some women may feel these changes and this is what you call the first pregnancy symptoms.

First pregnancy symptoms

yes slightly no/normal
fatigue 66% 16% 19%
additional urination 54% 21% 26%
abdominal distension 51% 22% 28%
stomach ache 43% 28% 29%
breast tenderness 46% 24% 30%
painful breasts 44% 24% 32%

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Early symptoms of pregnancy

Our pregnancy survey indicates that in the early period most pregnant women suffer from additional fatigue, more frequent need to urinate, a bloated abdomen (often because of bloated intestines) and abdominal pain.

A few days after conception your breasts become more sensitive. 50% of women feel this. Your breasts feel tense, painful (sometimes with sore nipples) and already start to get bigger. Your breasts will get bigger throughout in the first trimester.

3-4 days after fertilization, some women can feel the implantation of the egg as pain or sharp point in the uterus.

Additionally, you can also suffer from any of the following symptoms: white discharge, nausea, extra hunger, being emotional, cramps, dizziness, more bumps on nipples and/or darker nipples, headache, increased body temperature or sensitive eyes. However, there are unfortunately also involved when you are about to have your period. It is difficult to determine if they are early symptoms of a pregnancy or if your period is going to occur.

The following symptoms are also frequently mentioned on the internet as pregnancy symptoms, but in our completed pregnancy surveys they were very rare in the first two weeks: swollen labia, dark yellow discharge, craving in other foods, feeling of a very low uterus, light pink bleeding, softer breasts, large nipples and pimples breakouts.

Disclaimer: findababyname is not liable for the accuracy of this information. For proper assessment of your situation, you should always consult with your physician.

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