Calculate and compare abdominal circumference growth pregnancy per week

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How many cm belly circumference?

Read this article if you want to measure and compare the size of your belly per week.

There are no fixed measurements for your belly size. Your midwife do not worry about your abdominal circumference. Some pregnant women carry everything forward and others more around and some women are a bit more athletic than others. If the midwife is not concerned about you, then you should also feel comfortable.

The size of the belly cannot be compared with each other. The one pregnant belly circumference, for example, is even less than that of a plump non-pregnant girlfriend. If you normally have size Small, then that cannot be compared to someone who normally has size Large. You can better rely on measuring the length of your uterus, what your obstetrician does, because that is better comparable.

Are you worried about the size of the belly?

According to the midwife, that is not necessary at all. The size of your belly says nothing about the size of your child! The midwife looks more at the location of your womb than the size of your belly itself. She feels the number of cm that the uterus rises above the pubic bone. She compares that to the number of weeks you are pregnant.

Is my belly size too big or too small?

Many pregnant women are told over and over: "What do you have a big belly, do you get twin?" or "Oh, your belly is small, does your baby grow well?" And now you want to know if your belly is really large compared to other pregnant women. To help you, we have started a graph in which pregnant women themselves measure their abdominal circumference and have told us how many centimeters the abdominal circumference is with how many weeks of pregnancy. These figures are not scientific! We hope that everyone has measured and filled in truthfully.

Compare your pregnant belly size

Belly circumference chart pregnancy

cm belly circumference

The big red dot is your own belly size and the blue dots are the measured belly size values of other pregnant women. If you are logged in, you can save your measured abdominal circumference and you will see several red dots in the abdominal circumference chart. Apply now!

Graph INCREASE belly size pregnancy

belly size during pregnancy

The big red dot is your own belly increase and the blue dots are the measured belly increase values of other pregnant women. If you are logged in, you can save your measured belly size increase and you will see several red dots in the INCREASE belly size chart. Apply now!

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