How can I buy a home pregnancy test?

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What is a urine pregnancy test? And how does it work?

A home pregnancy test measures the presence of a specific hormone of pregnancy in your urine: the human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG. The amount of hCG in your body doubles every 2-3 days from the implantation of the fertilized egg.

How and when to test for pregnancy?

The test can usually be done at any time of the day. It does not necessary need to be done with the first morning urine. However, you should avoid drinking too much liquid before the test. Place the end of the stick a few seconds in fresh urine; after a few minutes it will then display a plus or minus or an extra sign indicating if you're pregnant or not.

After ovulation, the egg will be released in the Fallopian tube and reach your uterus. It can be fertilized by the sperm in the Fallopian tube or after it reaches the uterus: it’s called the conception. A couple of days after conception, it will then nest in the uterus: it’s called the implantation. It is estimated that something goes wrong for the fertilized egg in 20% of pregnancies and end up in a miscarriage, also called spontaneous abortion. If the egg does not develop correctly, the body will fail the implantation, and will evacuate it like a menstruation.

How accurate are pregnancy tests?

Home pregnancy tests from good brands are normally over 99% accurate when they are used from the day your period is due. The accuracy of a pregnancy test will vary depending on when you do the test.

Tests are very sensitive nowadays; you can already start to use a home pregnancy test 9-10 days after conception, i.e. a couple of days before the first day of your (expected) missed period. If you have a negative pregnancy test and you still suspect a pregnancy, you should wait at least 2 days to get the most accuracy before retesting because it may be that you have done the first test too early.

In case of a doubt, you should check your pregnancy with a pregnancy blood test prescribed by your physician.

Where to buy a home pregnancy test?


You can buy a pregnancy test over the counter in most drugstores and even in some supermarkets. There are also many possibilities to buy them online for a good price. The most known brands are Clearblue and Predictor, but there are many other alternatives. The price of the home pregnancy test will vary enormously with the options offered: early pregnancy test, digital pregnancy test, electronic pregnancy test and more. Buy your pregancy test online.

How to know if you’re pregnant without buying a test? Check it for free!

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