The never ending co-sleeping debate

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The never ending co-sleeping debate

To sleep or not to sleep with your baby? This is a very important question among all the questions that come up in your mind once you have a baby. And you have to make a decision. Where are you going to put your baby to sleep? There are 2 groups of parents. The ones that love the idea of co-sleeping, and the ones that are not so excited with the bed-sharing idea.

I was in the same position as you, and I made my decision before giving birth to my son. I didn’t want to share my bed with my baby. In the first few months, my son slept in his crib in our bedroom. When he was five months old I moved him in his room. I’m sure I made the right decision, but there are moms who love cuddling their kids in their arms and sleep together. You must do what you feel it’s best for you.

You can read all the parenting books there are, and apply the available information, but it may not work for you. Sure, it is a good thing that you want to stay informed and share what you find. After all, you want to make an intelligent decision based on your reading. But if you feel that the information doesn’t work for you, do as you feel it’s right for you and your family.

The benefits of co-sleeping

If we think about it, human beings have been co-sleeping since living in caves. There are some cultures that would not imagine putting a baby in a separate room. Let’s not talk about how we observe him with a video monitor. Of course, you must consider the benefits of co-sleeping with your baby.

co-sleeping baby

Physical Closeness

Think about the physical closeness you feel sleeping with your baby. You can touch his skin and smell his hair as he’s being caught in the carousel of thoughts called dreams.


If you’re considering to breastfeed your child, this could be done so easy if he would be so close to you. You wouldn’t have to get out of bed so many times during the night.
There are studies that demonstrated that babies who co-sleep with their mothers have a better success in the initiation of breastfeeding. We all know the importance of breast milk. It contains all the required nutrients in the first six months of your baby’s life.
Your breast milk is ready for your child and does not require being prepared. The good part is that you are so close to your baby that you don’t need to be awake so many times during the night. You can breastfeed easier when you and your child are sleeping so close.

Security and Comfort

And let’s not forget about your baby’s feelings, the security and comfort of your child. Co-sleeping with your child is the best way to bond with him starting from an early age. Touch your child, and talk to him while he falls asleep. You will create a stronger relationship with your child, being easier if you are near him. By communicating from this early stage, you are offering him a healthy development.


There are studies showing that a close child-parent proximity reduces the risk of the baby dying of SIDS. When you sleep with your baby, you exchange sensory stimuli with your child. By doing this the chances of dying from SIDS can be reduced by 50%.

Disadvantages Of Co-Sleeping

You may find that co-sleeping isn’t ideal for you. There are plenty of moms who find that sleeping in close proximity of her baby it’s just not safe.


If you’re like me, and wake up at any sound, then you should consider putting your child to sleep in his own room. When I sleep with my son, and I do that sometimes, and he breathes more heavily than usual, I wake up. Or when he pushes me with his feet. Being a new parent I was so exhausted, and I knew I needed my sleep.


You have to take everything into consideration. There are kids who don’t sleep well near their parents, and are unable to co-sleep. My son, for example, wants a bigger space when he sleeps. With me on his side and his dad on the other he can’t move around that much.
Here’s a tip! If you don’t have too much space, you can use a bedside sleeper. It attaches to the side of your bed, which usually is open. This allows you to have easy access to your little one.


Other parents want their bed to themselves. Once you’re a parent you need that special time to yourself. With the little one so close, you feel like you don’t have it anymore, and many relationships start to fall apart.

Not A Suitable Environment

If you’re thinking to co-sleep with your baby, you have to consider some other factors as well. Maybe your little one would not sleep so comfortable on your bed. There are also situations that increase the risk of SIDS, such as:

  1. The use of a waterbed. Babies should sleep on a firm mattress. If your bed doesn’t have one, you need to reconsider your co-sleeping arrangements. This is also to be taken into consideration if you sleep on a sofa, or armchair.
  2. If you are a smoker, or under the influence of medication;
  3. Take a look at your bed. Can your baby get caught between the wall and the bed? Then co-sleeping is not a good solution for you.

What’s your opinion? Do you co-sleep?

After all, it is the family’s decision. And the important thing is that your choice should not make you feel guilty.

What’s your opinion? Do you co-sleep?

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