Length of the menstrual cycle

    Getting pregnant    The menstrual cycle

If you want to become pregnant, it is important that you know how long your menstrual cycle is. This allows you to calculate when you are ovulating and when you are fertile. For those who want to become pregnant, knowledge of the menstrual cycle is therefore essential.

Length of the menstrual cycle

The length of the menstrual cycle has an average of 28 days, the average is to have periods every 28 days, but longer or shorter is also very common. In addition, many women have an irregular menstrual cycle, which sometimes lasts for 24 days and the next time 34 days. The first day of the menstrual cycle is the day on which menstruation begins. A few drops of blood loss do not count yet; the first day is the day that you have a real bleeding.

While during this menstruation the non-fertilized egg is repelled, together with endometrium, new egg cells ripen in the ovaries. Before an egg is released during ovulation, it has been growing for about three months. So on about the fourteenth day - halfway through the cycle - the ovulation takes place. Just before and during ovulation a woman is fertile. These are therefore also called the fertile days. For women with a monthly cycle of more than 28 days, ovulation is later. In a shorter cycle, ovulation takes place before the fourteenth day. The part of the cycle after ovulation takes about 14 days for each woman. If the egg is fertilized, it settles in the womb. If the egg does not fertilize, the menstruation starts after about fourteen days: the start of a new cycle.

Long or short menstrual cycle

If you have an average menstrual cycle of about 28 days, then you have monthly periods and you also have a chance to get pregnant every month. To avoid misunderstandings: only fifteen percent of women have this 'ideal' cycle. In the vast majority of women, the menstrual cycle lasts between 24 and 35 days. And 20% of women have an irregular cycle. A cycle duration between 21 and 35 days is considered 'normal'. When a cycle lasts less than three weeks or longer than six weeks, chances are that ovulation does not occur. Do you have that and you want to become pregnant? Do not wait too long with a visit to the doctor.

Calculate fertile days

If you want to become pregnant, it is important to know how long your cycle lasts and when you are fertile. If you know that, you can calculate when you are fertile. Calculate immediately when you have your fertile days.

From puberty to menopause

As soon as the body of a woman is ready to reproduce - to conceive - she is put on her first time. The first menstruation, the menarche, comes with puberty, with most girls between the ages of 11 and 15 years. Earlier or later, however, is also possible. Then this first menstruation a cycle starts that lasts until a woman enters the transition: the menopause. As long as a woman menstruates, she is fertile.

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