5 ways to get pregnant faster

    Getting pregnant    5 ways to get pregnant faster

Getting pregnant can be hard

There are a lot of women for whom conceiving a baby can be very easy. They will just stop taking their contraception and they’ll get pregnant immediately. But there are others, maybe like you, who try and try and then try some more, and for whom conceiving becomes a total nightmare. Whether you’re anxious to get pregnant, or you just want your child to be born at a certain time of the year, you must know that there are ways to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant.

Some of the pregnancy-specific advices involve visiting fertility clinics, and others are just about staying healthy. Your health is actually the most important thing in conceiving a child, as well as throughout the pregnancy. Preparing your body for pregnancy is beneficial both for you and for your baby.

You may change your lifestyle a little bit by developing healthier habits, but it will help you have a healthy pregnancy and, most important, a healthy baby. And if your body is healthy it will be more ready for that little tiny egg inside your womb. There are some ways to help you along the baby-making path in a faster time. They involve your health and some other tips. Keep reading to find them out!

1. Get a preconception checkup

So, you and your partner decided that you want a baby. Congratulations! Now the first step would be to schedule a preconception checkup with your doctor, or an ob-gyn. This will help you check if your body is ready for the task of motherhood. He can also tell you what should you change in your lifestyle for a healthy and faster pregnancy.

Making a plan with the questions you want to ask your doctor, and talking to him about your medical history will help him adapt the preconception checkup around your needs. It’s also important to tell your doctor if you, or your family have had any medical complications in the past.

This will help your doctor guide you through a safe pregnancy. Your doctor may also want to know if you take any prescription medication, or vitamins. He will tell you if you need to stop taking any of them, and if you have to start some other medication.

2. Prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy

A very good advice is to start taking folic acid at least one month before you and your partner start the baby-making project. Folic acid reduces the risk of some medical complications that can happen during conception and throughout the pregnancy. Another good advice is to quit any unhealthy habits, such as smoking, or drinking. If your body is functioning properly you will have higher chances for a healthy pregnancy and faster conceiving time.

You can also start a diet if you have to achieve a healthy weight. If you’re under or overweight, you may be struggling conceiving, and if you’re a big fan of coffee you should be careful about your caffeine intake. It should be less than 300 milligrams a day.

When it comes to a healthy body, exercising and staying hydrated play essential roles. Plan a daily exercise routine. You can use your bike to get to work, to the store or to the local gym. Also, if you’re not well hydrated your chances of conceiving can decrease. It’s all about the amount of water you drink daily.

3. Check your ovulation period

get pregnant faster

If you want to get pregnant quickly you’ll have to know when you ovulate. Ovulation occurs only once during one menstrual cycle. That’s why it is so important to know when you’ll ovulate. This way, you and your partner can have intercourse at the right time for making a baby. If it’s the right time you’ll have a better chance to get pregnant on that menstrual cycle.

To determine your ovulation period you can use the calendar method, or an ovulation predictor kit. The calendar method is a good technique if your cycle is regular. How do you do that? You just count down 14 days from when your next period should start. The ovulation predictor kit finds out your most fertile period by testing your hormone levels.

It’s up to you to choose what method better suits you, and once you do find out when you ovulate for a higher chance of getting pregnant.

4. Have intercourse at the right time

Have you figured out what your most fertile window? I’m talking about your time frame for ovulation. If you did, then plan to have intercourse during this time. If you haven’t figured it out, then don’t worry. Try and aim to have intercourse everyday, or every other day during the second and third weeks of your cycle and you’ll have better chances to get pregnant.

Another good advice is to try and have intercourse also outside of this time frame. If you wait for the right moment your partner can accumulate also dead male reproductive cells among the healthy one, and that means low male reproductive cell count, and slow swimmers. These are things you want to avoid when you try to get pregnant faster.

While we’re talking about fast swimmers, here’s another tip. Don’t use lube! Lube can slow down male reproductive cells, or even kill it before reaching the egg.

5. Boost his male reproductive cells up

Want to be sure that his male reproductive cell count is high? Then your partner can also start and make some changes in his lifestyle as well. And I’m not talking about wearing boxers instead of briefs. I’m talking about the important stuff. For a better chance of fertilizing your egg, your partner’s male reproductive cells must be healthy, and strong. Here are some things that your partner can do for a healthier male reproductive cells:

  • Take the daily recommended key nutrients, especially folic acid, and vitamin C, which help with the production of strong, healthy male reproductive cells.;
  • Stop smoking, and limit alcoholic drinks. Not only are they harmful to your body, but don’t help your fertility at all;
  • Don’t be exposed for too long at high temperatures, either at sun or using saunas and hot baths. Strong heat can damage male reproductive cell levels.

Don't worry!

One of the most important things is not to worry. Worrying about getting pregnant can cause high levels of stress, and this decreases you chance of getting pregnant. Researchers say that eighty five percent of women get pregnant within one year of trying.

So, stay positive, and keep trying!

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